If it were not for the downs we could not appreciate or enjoy the ups. And on those days, the days of despair, the days of failure, and self doubt, and frustration that we must look outside. Outside ourselves and our windows and unto the world and remember the good things, appreciate the beauty of the snow falling outside and what we have accomplished. For people will always come and go, it is the nature of life and as they blow into or out of your life like a simple gust of wind we must remember how temporary and precious things can be. That it is not the people that define us but our actions, our skills gained, knowledge achieved and lessons learned. – Perspective

By: T.A. Wilson


If you are facing a long commute or heavy traffic, don’t allow yourself to get angry and upset because it’s a waste of your time. Take control of the time, use it to relax to music you enjoy, listen to a book, and clear your mind of all the stresses of work you just went through and all you have to do when arriving home. Make it your time, time that can not be disturbed and soon it will automatically relax you just being in the car by yourself. And by relaxing your mind, perhaps a few of those good ideas from your subconscious pop up and solve and issue you’ve been stressing about. – Perspective

By: T.A. Wilson


~ by inkandwood on December 10, 2013.

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