Perspective from a bus window

Perspective from a bus window

With sleep depravation and hunger hitting hard after spending six plus hours flying and at airports, depression came a knocking. Thinking of all the emotional, physical, and mental strains I’ve been under over the past year, including permanent physical disfigurement, I felt a bit sorry for myself. After an entire years worth of, let’s say stresses, that would send most people to the loony bin life was looking bleak. That is until I struck-up a conversation with the older women sitting next to me on the bus while her teenage son remains attached to his laptop. She wore a smile and was polite however even at first glance you could see the years of pain behind her eyes. A dead beat of a husband, after putting her through years of abuse, finally up and left while the boy was only a few years old. Not much of an education forced her to work hard, even harder with a little mouth to feed, and sacrifice not only her own possessions or goals but her hope as well, old and worn shoes, a coat that has seen its best days show the toll continues to this day. Despite all of this she kept on pressing forward and giving her absolute all to her son, that constant reminder of a previous life, never giving in or taking an easier route but forging forward to carve some semblance of a life for them. Even as we talk her eyes are turning misty at the memories and her son all the while oblivious to his mothers plight, watches his movie on the laptop. I wanted to slap the kid and shake him until he recognized the pain in her eyes. Yet what would that serve, she sacrificed to provide a better life for him and perhaps the only way for him to truly become a man is to not know, to live thinking the world can still be a good place and because of amazing people like her; the selfless, the strong, the brave, and the weak I felt a renewed strength in myself knowing that I have no responsibility to anyone except myself and to not take such an opportunity for granted. We all have our demons, baggage and whatnots yet it is how we treat others, and our perspective on the world that truly shapes us. For when man loses imagination and all semblance of hope have we truly lost humanity. Martha and her son Tommy served as a much needed reminder that no single person is ordinary or without strength even on the weakest of days. We all go through times of kissing demons and fighting with our angels, and our journey is ours alone. So remember that this journey has pains and joys, and even though the joy doesn’t always soften the pain, so the pain should never lessen the joy.

By: T.A. Wilson


~ by inkandwood on January 3, 2014.

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