I’m just here to write, nothing more. If you come here and read my work and feel like leaving a comment that’s great, I enjoy feedback and this seems like a great place to start. I’m not much of a blogger, in fact this would be my first blog so let’s see how it goes. I do not expect to post updates or new works every month or so, I will only post as the storys and events come to me so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Mainly using Word Press to store my work and write from anywhere (very convenient). Some of the things I write will be submitted to papers, magazines and others for publishing if they like them. Unfortunately my really good stuff (books and scripts) can’t be posted on here for my protection but one day you will be able to read and watch them!

Wow its been a long journey and I have a lot of writings to post, I’m not much to talk about myself but I suppose anyone that reads my works on here might like to know a little about the author. I’m originally from Michigan, joined the Army after spending a few years working in IT and programming with an amazing company. Stationed mainly in Georgia with the 3rd Infantry Division 4th Bde 3-15. Spent some time in Iraq and now I’m a civilian (honorable discharge of course). Decided to move to Massachusetts, never been here before but sure am enjoying it, so now I guess I better get to adding some more writings. Started this thing in 2009 and haven’t added much so here we go. – August 2013

Note: If you want to duplicate any of the works I post drop me a line and we can talk about it


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