BSO Tanglewood

Tanglewood BSO

(view from behind the concert area)

Boston Symphony Orchestra – Tanglewood

With a swift summer breezes rattling through the treetops and patrons relaxing under their shade, the bright blue sky opens up and the violins begin to resonate against the hills and mountainside drinking up the cold river water and so natural sounding you’d think each violin, bow and woodwind was calling to the trees from which they were crafted. The crowds gather, some older laying on blankets next to bottles of wine saved for this yearly ritual, two children begin to dance as a third has perched himself in a tree I can only imagine conducting a symphony in his own world, all for a moment in time are frozen into the majestic backdrop of mountains and lush green trees awoken only by each note that strikes deep in their soul. A man leans against a tree picturing each and every note played as the melody picks up. And before you know it the symphonies over. Everyone’s still for just one more moment, with sun shining and cool breeze blowing it is truly a fantastic way to spend a July afternoon. – T.A. Wilson


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