To experiment with a drink is to experiment with destiny. Adding the wrong ingredient or taking a wrong turn will send you on a very nasty path that ends in tragedy, especially to your taste buds.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to experiment with a few cocktail recipes in search of a perfect summer drink. When I say perfect summer drink I’m talking about being able to bring it to a BBQ and enjoy while chatting with friends, sitting poolside sipping and sunning keeping cool all the while,  just laying around on the deck with a good book and damn fine cigar, or at more formal dinner parties and nights out. This would seem like a lot to ask of a single drink but I knew deep, deep down in the cockles of my heart that such a holy grail existed.

Sadly to say I was unable to locate such a drink through the many (delicious) recipes tested. These included classics such as the Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, Blue Hawaiian, etc to the more simpler yet equally tasty rum and coke and just plain scotch. A combination of higher and lower quality liquors were used on top of sparkling wines to find the perfect blend and attributing flavors. All were delicious but not the multiple purpose drink I was after. Some were too bitter or sweet to properly keep you cool in the sun. Others were just all wrong for a BBQ or dinner party. All this led me to experimentation and finally epiphany.

Below is the master piece I speak of, the perfect summer drink – a Somalian Pirate!

Somalian Pirate


1oz Polish Vodka

1oz Spiced Rum (Barbados or Mount Gay Rum preferred)

2 tbsp lemon sorbet

3 mint leaves

~3-4 oz Diet Pepsi

Directions: In a Collins Glass add the lemon sorbet and polish vodka gently stirring, then add the rum (Mount Gay or Barbados Spiced Rum) and 3 mint leaves. Be careful not to bruise the leaves while stirring in the rum. Add 2-3 ice cubes and top with Diet Pepsi (yes men use diet pepsi for the perfect flavor mix)


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