In a day and age where politics are corrupt and contemptible, where all foundations of liberty and justice are in shambles it appears old glory is now faded and withered flying above this country. Yet she still does fly. Where the media and movies, television and the press are no longer free but part of a political machine that spits in the face of our foundation makes the decisions for the people I ask where are the movies and stories that showed what this country is for, what its foundation is, where is Mr. Smith goes to Washington, where is Atlas Shrugged? They are short lived novelties for college kids to feel what it’s like to live in a free land, for this land is no longer free. I wish if only for a moment to shake hands and meet with the Jefferson Smiths and Hank Reardens and John Galts of this land, for they exist and they are in the hearts of these young college kids and deep in the hearts of every citizen that looks up at the grey bleak sky over Washington and asks was it always like this? Yet the moment these kids leave school it seems all knowledge and truth is stripped of them. Be it for their own survival or cowardice nevertheless all but a slim few survive the rigors of the world with their wits intact and freedom in their hearts. Reading is taught in schools but not comprehension, not the noble act of asking why, for without the why we are but slaves. Let us see through the fog covering this land and ask why again. Let us teach not only what words on a page say but what they mean, to comprehend writing again. Illiteracy is rampant even in the 21st century, in a day where you can fly from New York to California on a whim children can pick up a news paper and not grasp a word written on its pages. And what words are there on those pages? Nothing but half truths and no points, a lot of chatter and little fact, headlines that grab your attention yet have no sustenance. And while you’re being bombarded with add space and a million products begging to be purchased the outlets that once brought news of victory over tyranny now only bring tyranny. In the words of George Orwell “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever”. – T.A. Wilson


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