The battle rages in your heart and if you must face death and look upon its shining white eyes be defiant, for the fight comes from within your heart. Hold onto the world for it is always yours if you choose it to be. When the thoughts of how peaceful sleep would be and the pain melts away focus on that pain, hold onto it for in pain we know that we are alive. Death is not a shadow or a fear in the dark, you can only die if you give in to the light and easy sleep it brings so always be defiant. And when the warrior’s time does come and sleep overtakes him rest easy brother for each rain drop is a tear shed for the fallen but never forgotten, each crash of thunder is the soul of the warrior speaking out to carry on the fight. – For Spc. Rob Nichols rest easy brother K.I.A July 23, 2013 – Kabul, Afghanistan


Al Asad Iraq with the boys


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